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About our group
If you are looking for a group of dedicated, if not serious runners, who encourage each other while having fun, we are your group! Make some new friends while establishing the habit of working out. If you would like to get a little healthier and stronger, it's always helpful to have a group helping you out. Set some goals that scare you a little and feel the triumph of empowerment that seeps into other areas of your life. Sign up and Run With Shirley! Programs are for all levels of runners including beginners, runners recovering from injury, or those wanting to start again. And, of course, walkers are welcome. The Run with Shirley program is about more than just running. It’s about making friends, staying fit, choosing a healthy lifestyle, getting back on track, encouragement and so much more. Whether you are continuing with the group, coming back, or new; it's time to commit to moving. The program includes, Group runs at White Rock Lake on Saturday morning, weekly schedules, strengthening exercises specifically for runners, instruction on proper stretches, and help with any issues that hindered you from running in the past. Let’s do this together!!

Training Programs

Walkers welcome!

BMW Dallas Half Marathon Training
June 29th - December 14th

Embark on a 24-week journey tailored to elevate your performance for the BMW Dallas Half Marathon. This meticulously crafted program gradually builds your strength and endurance, culminating in the pinnacle race day experience. Along the way, you'll also conquer the Tour des Fleurs quarter marathon (6.55 miles) and the renowned Turkey Trot (8 miles). Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting out, all are welcome to join—walkers, runners, and everything in between.

Weekly sessions cater to diverse fitness levels, ensuring every participant finds their stride. For inquiries or assistance, reach out to me at

Program Cost: $75

# Personalized, race-targeted training spanning 24 weeks
# Post-workout drills and rejuvenating stretches by the serene lake
# Weekly schedules delivered to your inbox
# A premium Tech t-shirt for your comfort
# Refreshments: Water and coffee after Saturday workouts

*Race fees not included
What sets us apart is our emphasis on camaraderie and support. Running is not just about crossing the finish line—it's about the journey, shared moments, and the friendships forged along the way. Join us for the exhilarating runs and stay for the vibrant community spirit. Plus, look forward to engaging social events, including our cherished pre-race carb-loading dinner.

Race Schedule
Tour des Fleurs Quarter Marathon, September 21th. Click for more information
Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot, November 28th Click for more information
BMW Dallas Half Marathon, December 15th Click for more information

New This Year!
5k 10k Programs

Looking for a training program with fewer miles? Our new program offers all the advantages of the half program without the lengthy distances. Join the Run With Shirley Lite program and experience the joy of running without the heavy mileage commitment.

Tour des Fleurs Quarter Marathon
June 29th - September 21st
Program Cost: $40
(or both for $75)
Goal race
Tour des Fleurs Quarter Marathon, September 21th. Click for more information

BMW Dallas 5k and 10k
September 28th - December 14th
Program Cost: $40
(or both for $75)
Goal race
BMW Dallas Marathon Festival 5k and 10k, December 14th. Click for more information
*Race fees not included

Training: June 29th - September 21st - $40

Training: September 28th - December 14th - $40

Both the Tour des Fleurs and BMW Dallas training, for a discounted $75

Monthly Personal Training
This includes a month of personalized (race targeted) training, weekly schedules, and weekly personal email to check on your progress. This personal training will follow and adapt to your abilities with the idea of achieving your goal. Or modify your goals to keep you moving. You are also welcome to join our in person workouts on Saturday and Wednesday morning. Although you may not be scheduled for the same distances, it’s still fun to run with a group. Personal training costs $100 per month subscription. Cancel anytime. No refunds.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at

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Success Stories

I started my running journey over 10 years ago with Shirley as my coach. I had never been a "runner" and was quite nervous about how I would make it through the program. However, shortly after I began, I realized that the coaches really cared about the participants and were focused on helping us achieve our goals. The day I finished my first half-marathon (2011) was truly overwhelming, and it marked the beginning of a new path to health and wellness as part of self-care. The program helped me build both the physical and mental toughness needed to not only succeed in running, but also encouraged a new approach for tackling any challenge in my life. I made friends who turned into family. Running is not something that I do, but a part of who I have become. All my favorite "Shirley-isms" still play in my head during a race! She delivers all the motivation and skills needed to have a successful running season that may just change your life! - Brittany W

After becoming a pandemic runner, I gave myself the challenge of training for the Dallas Half Marathon. On a whim, I decided to join Coach Shirley’s running program and it was one of the smartest things I’ve done! The night before my first day, I was so nervous thinking I wouldn’t be fast enough or fit enough to run with the group. Instead, that first morning I met a community of friendly runners at every pace who cheered me on throughout the fall. As the weeks went by following Coach Shirley’s training program, I was excited to be up for a run at 6am on a Saturday to see how I fared with that new additional mileage and eventually found myself running around the entirety of White Rock Lake - something I never could have imagined! As race day approached, Coach Shirley’s training plan had me feeling prepared and confident to run my first Half Marathon and I did!! I’m excited to continue my training with Coach Shirley for more races! - Sarah E

I had recently turned 51 and was completely out of shape when I made the decision to run my first half marathon. I needed to set a goal to get moving, and I decided the bigger the goal the better. I knew I needed coaching to help me be successful.
As unattainable as my goal seemed, Coach Shirley gave me the tools, guidance and confidence to reach the finish line. She also taught me a new passion for the sport of running that I never knew I could have. She challenged me where I needed it, and helped to get me to the start line and a successful completion of my first half marathon! She's one of the most passionate and knowledgeable coaches and genuinely takes pride in her runners’ successes. - Sarah M


My Running

I began my running journey by accident in 2005. I was never overly athletic, but had started working out at the gym and running on a treadmill. My sister-in-law was joining a training group through Luke’s Locker for the White Rock half-marathon. And of course if your friend is going to jump off a cliff… sign me up too! I completed my first half-marathon in December 2005 and have been running ever since.

I have completed the Marine Corp Marathon, the Hotter’N Hell 100 (bike ride), and several sprint triathlons. And of course the BMW Dallas half marathon almost every year since my first in 2006. As with most runners, I have had my setbacks. In May of 2019, while riding in the MS150, I fell and broke my ankle. It was a long road back, but I kept moving.

I started coaching the beginner group with Luke’s Locker in 2008 and became head coach for the beginner group in 2012. I love training people and seeing them cross the finish line. If you are willing to put in the work, come join us at run with Shirley.


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